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Ruote complete per bici corsa Disco tubolare

Ruote complete per bici corsa Disco tubolare

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Tubular disc wheels - road bikes & CX

Tubular tyres form a closed tyre-tube system. Whoever wants to have a blast in the competion, will have to use a wheel set with tubular tyres. Nothing rolls lighter and smoother than tubular tyres. Especially in the area of cyclocrossing, there is no way around wheels with tubular tyres since they offer the possibility to ride with less air pressure and to be able to thusly safely and quickly overcome technically demanding passages. Why is that so? Since contrary to clincher rims, they have no rims flange and therefore, it is almost impossible to clamp the tyre on and snakebites practically are a thing of the past. In addition, the tyre can function more freely on wheels without rim flanges. When disc brakes were introduced for the road and cyclocross bikes for a brake performance finely adjustable at any time regardless of the weather conditions, the issue of the wheel development in the 700c range is up for another round. With the brake surface no longer required as brake transmission medium, it is possible to displace the rotating mass to the hub, which makes the wheels even faster. When choosing your new tubular disc wheels, whether for cyclocross (CX) or road bike, pay attention to the matching installation standard for your brake. Besides IS2000, Centerlock, which enables the installation of the disc brake via a centre lock, is widely being used. Find your new disc wheels for tubular tires for your road bike here in our shop at low prices.
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