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ROTOR REX 1.2 2x9/10 MTB- guarnitura XC2 (110/60) nero

389,90 €
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The lightest and stiffest crank for mountain bike.

The REX1 is ROTOR’s most technologically advanced and lightest UBB30 crankset. It brings ROTOR technology to the mountain bikes on the market, irrespective of their BB type: It is compatible with BSA (68 & 73), BB86, BBB89, BB92, BB30, and BBRight bikes.

REX resists rotational and bending forces

The REX uses a refined and lighter version of the Trinity Drilling System (TDS) hollow construction. This allows the crank to resist rotational and bending forces better than a simple hollow tube construction can.

Tough and Light

The aluminum construction of the REX forgoes the use of trendy materials and stays true to its goal of delivering unrivalled performance at its weight level. By doing so it offers aluminum stiffness at a lower weight than most high end carbon cranks. With the use of our Trinity Drilling System to hollow out the crank arms combined with the application of our stiffness and compatibility with most frames (UBB30 axle), it offers a new level of performance for quality bike builds of any brand, model and type.


  • 100% CNC Machined, Al 7055 T6
  • Q-Factor 163 mm, Chain line 44.5mm
  • Ultra stiff 30mm Aluminum UBB axle; compatible with BSA, ITA, BB86, BB30, BB30 PF, and BB386 Evo frames
  • 505 grams (170 mm)

In the box

  • Rotor REX 1.2 crank
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Attualmente abbiamo solo un testo in Inglese:


ROTOR Bike Components from Madrid, Spain is attended to the duty to manufacture bicycle components that make cycling faster, more efficient and more comfortable at the same time. They achieve this through a combination of intelligent and innovative designs with unmatched precision manufacture.

ROTOR arose at the College of Aeronautics in Madrid, where in 1995 some students developed the first prototype of the ROTOR system. After the president of the university had endorsed the research project, the manufacturing laboratory of the University helped creating the prototypes.

In 2005 ROTOR set apart from the crowd with a decisive step by bringing the revolutionary oval Q-Rings on the market. Nowadays ROTOR has become a valued component at most triathlon events all over the world.

The stated goal of rotor: Making your bike experiences unforgettable and allowing you to go further and faster with the wheel all that with reduced effort and impaired physical problems. Again and again to achieve better results and thereby ensure above all that you can cycle with more pleasure and joy!

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