Buy 26" MTB foldable tyres from our large range at low price

So many tyres: Here you have a large range of of mountain bike foldable tyres for 26 inch wheels and smaller sizes, particularly folding tyres for 20 inch or 24 inch wheels. All top tyre brands are available from us whether Schwalbe, Maxxis or Continental and many more. The range of tyre widths also leaves nothing to be desired, from the particularly narrow Tacx Training wheels in 26" to the thick juggernauts with 4.8" width for fat bikes, our shop has a large range at competitive prices. So what are the advantages of folding tyres? This question is easy to answer: Like the name says, these tyres can be folded together, they are flexible and fit easily into a backpack. Transporting them is not a problem, especially compared with non-foldable tyres with wire beads. Then there is the weight factor: A foldable tyre is lighter as one with wire, it is also a little more expensive, which is fine for many cyclists. From cross country tyres to trail giants with extra grip; discover our range of 26 inch foldable tyres.

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