The Italian clothing brand Alé (Alé Cycling) offers excellent cycling clothing for ambitious cyclists and professionals. Alé, as the sound of its name supposes, is a variation of the French expression "allez". That stands for "on the go" or "go ahead". Alé is Italian cycling passion. The product range includes women's and men's collections of jerseys, cycling jackets and high-quality bibshorts. Especially the Alé seat cushions enjoy great popularity. In addition to optimal fit and good design, Alé clothing stands for aerodynamics, lightness and the use of technical materials. For the best performance on the bicycle.

APG, of which Alé is a part, is proud to say that production is 100% "made in Italy". With the necessary passion for cycling, a sense of design and the support of professional racing teams, they always strive for the best results. Research and development never stops here in the own research laboratory in Italy. Also, the products are tested in everyday racing by professionals - no one else knows better what constitutes high-quality bicycle clothing. Together they work on the optimal product. Meanwhile, the brand is represented worldwide and is gradually gaining notoriety, beyond the borders of Italy.

The Alé brand has been on the rise since 2013, while APG has been active in the production of cycling clothing since 1986. For decades, APG has been designing, producing and selling cycling clothing for well-known top brands. The head office of APG Srl is located in Bonferraro di Sorgà Verona, Italy.

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