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Wheel bag: Optimal storage protection for the front and rear wheels

Wheels are sensitive and should be well packed for the transportation while travelling or, if required, also for stowing them away in the basement well packed and protected. For this purpose, there are many practical wheel bags available. Depending on your taste, you can get them with striking logo prints, and wheel bags are offered among others by Mavic, DT Swiss, EVOC, B & W, Fulcrum or Campagnolo with a cool design.
There are wheel bags for an individual wheel or also with several compartments for housing two or three wheels in just one bag. Some offer additional compartments for quick-release levers etc. and thanks to carrying handles or with carrying straps, they can easily be transported. In most cases, the wheel bags are of a nylon or another tear-resistant fabric and protect the wheels with cushions in the sides and partitions. Many bags score additionally with separately reinforced middle sections for protection of the axles. If you wish to stow away the complete wheel with the tyre still on, you should pay attention to the diameter of the bag. Not all bags are large enough for a 29" wheel with a thick tyre. In such a case, washable materials for the inside compartment are very practical if the wheels are to be packed when still dirty :-).
Buy wheel bags at HIBIKE, e.g. from EVOC Let's look at the price: You'll find a bag for front or rear wheels here already for a favourable 20 Euros. Larger models can also cost approximately 100 Euros.
Tip: If you own a cycling bag from Evoc, you'll also find a matching EVOC road wheel bag here in our shop, whose shape fits exactly into the compartment of the Travel Bag provided for that purpose.

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