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Air shocks for the MTB

Air shocks in the rear of the mountain bike have been further developed in the course of time and have lost their previously bad reputation in terms of sensitivity. The main benefit compared to coil suspension shocks is the very low weight and the fact that a suspension element with air as suspension can easily be adjusted to the cyclist's weight with a high-pressure pump. Therefore, an air shock is the optimum solution for light-weight male and/or female cyclists. You'll find them in almost all applications, whether cross-country bike (XC), race bike, all mountain bike, freeride or even on downhill bikes. Even if you favour a more aggressive cycling style, air suspension elements with piggy backs for a larger oil volume and better cooling will serve your purpose. Depending on the equipment, shocks with air suspension can almost perfectly be adjusted in accordance with the athlete's wishes. Many air shocks nowadays also offer a so-called lock-out function or an additional actuable platform in order to suppress the "pedal bob" of the rear triangle (e. g. when riding out of the saddle). Some high-end shocks offer additional external air chambers. On off-the-shelf bikes, you'll most often find shocks of the brands Fox, Cane Creek and Rock Shox. Whoever places emphasis on a light construction, where appropriate, will for example find especially light versions underneath the air shocks from DT Swiss. Aside from aluminium housings, carbon is used from time to time in order to reduce the shock weight even more. Light-weights only weigh between 150 g and 200 g, but you can even get air shocks, which weigh approximately 500 g. Important: Always observe the correct installation length and stroke as well as the fitting bushes for installation of the shock. And as another tip, you can find our video contribution regarding the subject of suspension here in Rainers Bike Talk on Youtube!
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