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Pedali bici da corsa

Cheap clipless pedals for road bikers

Direct contact with the bike is what a road biker needs. Usually, road bike pedals feature a wider contact area, since during sprints and steep sections a lot of energy is transferred from the pedal to the road bike and, thus, the power of the rigid shoe sole is distributed in an optimal way. In any case: An optimum power transmission is imperative! Because of the extremely low height of the road bike pedals (combined with the corresponding high-quality shoes), a low distance between the soles and the axis is provided for a great power transmission. Compared to MTB pedals, power development and circular action become strikingly better. Entry-level types are available for less than 30 Euro, such as the SPD-SL by Shimano. Cleats are included. Please note that cleats for road bike pedals (3-hole-mounting) cannot be installed on MTB shoes (2-hole-mounting) . Road bike pedals are light by themselves, if you wish to save more weight by using titanium and carbon, you may invest more money. Professional pedals cost about 200 € and more. By now, some manufacturers even offer pedal-based power measurement in which the sensor is integrated in the pedal axis. Usually, a four-digit sum (in Euro) will be due in that case. Some tips: Not all road bike pedal systems (3-hole-standard) are working the same way. Some types use an adjustable spring (Shimano SPD-SL, Time RXS, Ritchey and Look Keo 2Max) or a spring plate (Time X-Presso, Mavic, Look Keo Blade) to hold the cleat. They are usually available with different release angles. Road bike pedals by Speedplay provide a different release mechanism that does not take place on the pedal, but on the cleat. The pedals score by reducing weight, but are not convenient for walking. There are also special lady pedals for female road bikers that feature smoother release grades and require less power by the woman accordingly. The fact remains, even pedals for road bikes are a matter of taste and the release has to be practised, if one doesn't want to fall on the asphalt at the next traffic light. Explore the abundant assortment in our online shop for road bike pedals.
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