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Manubri aero e triathlon

Handlebars for triathlon bikes

Triathon handlebars or so-called aerobars serve to bring the cyclist to an aerodynamic sitting posture on his bike so that he offers the least possible air resistance and can even ride faster. Aerobars consist mostly of two separate components, the so-called basic handlebar and the extensions. Both handlebar components are either of aluminium or carbon. Both with the basic handlebars and the extensions, there are very different shapes, which the road biker can choose according to his individual preferences. The shapes for the triathlon extensions range from straight extensions via S-bend, J-bend, L-bend and ski-bend up to the double-bend extensions, with the respective shape of the extensions determining the arm position as well as the stretching of the wrists. The shape of the basic handlebars varies from classic road bike handlebars up to the forward curved bullhorn bars. For better aerodynamics, the triathlon handlebars mostly have a flat top bar in the wing profile. At fully integrated triathlon handlebars, the basic handlebar and the extensions form an aerodynamic unit. At semi-integrated aerobars, the basic handlebar and the extensions are exactly coordinated. Depending on the respective handlebar, you can install extensions basically on all bike types. If you would like to start with an aerobar at triathlon events, you have to pay attention that only triathlon extensions, which "do not protrude outward of the front line of the brake lever" and whose ends either point towards each other or are firmly bridged, are allowed at slipstream races according to the DTU sport order. In our shop for aero & triathlon handlebars, you'll for sure find the fitting offer in order to accelerate yourself and your bike even more. A large selection of top brands awaits you at favourable prices.
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