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Buy MTB handle bars at favourable prices

What is it about terms such as riser bar or flat bar? The term flat bar stands for a straight handlebar shape, this ensures a low cockpit and is suitable for sporty MTB riders. Riser handlebars, also called rise bars raise the position of the hands and thus the comfort and overview by more or less rise. For ergonomical reasons, all handlebars have a backsweep, the rule of thumb is the wider the handlebar, the more bend there is. At very wide handlebars, an upsweep also makes sense. Enduro and tour bikers mostly prefer riser handlebar variants since they are of advantage on steep passages downhill. Whether black, silver or coloured handlebars, ergonomic handlebars, comfort handlebars or dirt bars, there is a wide range of handlebars for mountain bikes available in our shop! Preselect them depending on the correct clamping which is determined by your stem (e.g. 31.8 mm or 25.4 mm). Then decide according to the desired handlebar width: From narrow 620 mm up to really wide bolides with 780 mm or 800 mm, everything is available. The especially wide handlebars might make the impression that they provide more safety and control, but you'll only benefit from these features if you have a very aggressive cycling style or if you are riding technical trails.
If you are more of an uphill fighter, than you'll be happier for a longer period if you use a more narrow handlebar since the arms are not strained as much, this saves energy. Average values for women in most of the cases are widths of 640 and 660 mm. The men mainly choose widths around 680 mm +/-. The downhill/freeride handlebar may also be a little wider, as wide as you like it.
Light bike enthusiasts can also save weight with the handlebar weight. But it does not necessarily have to be a carbon handlebar with approximately 100 g for your race bike, but you can also get aluminium handlebars with little weight for your MTB cockpit as well. From a low-price MTB handlebar to the expensive top model, the product range of the handlebar manufacturers ranges from simple models for 20 Euros all the way to noble models for up to 300 Euros. As to the correct position, on the MTB the handlebar should be positioned at least at seat height, better a little lower for a sportive sitting posture. The arms should always be a little bent in order not to bend the hands when grasping the brake lever, they should be laid up loosely and straight. Otherwise, you'll risk cramps and longer tours do not remain pain-free.

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