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Negozio con 1.000m² a Kronberg (D)
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DMR Negozio di marca

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DMR was founded by some drivers who share the passion for biking and design.
Over the past 10 years DMR developed from a One-product business to a company that covers a wide spectrum of riding disciplines with over 100 products. But they keep thir look on the hardcore drivers who promote the development of DMR products with their progressive style. The result are components that tend to be simple and stable without unnecessary gadgets.

The mission is simple: manufacturing the best components that cover the needs of the hardcore drivers, producing the highest quality components that work under the most extreme conditions, supporting the scene and affording worldwide availability of the products.
This straightforward approach can be summarized simply: DesignMakeRide.

Il negozio di marca DMR

Nel negozio di marca DMR a trovare 61 diversi prodotti in totale ad un prezzo speciale sulla spedizione in tutto il mondo!
  • Attrezzi
  • Corone Spiderless / Direct Mount
  • Manopole
  • Manubri
  • Pedali Flat MTB
  • Pedali Klick MTB
  • Pedali MTB cleats & ricambi
  • Pezzi di ricambio per mozzi
  • Ruote complete per freni a disco 26 pollici
  • Ruote complete per freni a disco 27.5/650B
  • Ruote complete per freni a disco 29 pollici
  • Sganci rapidi per ruote MTB
  • Telai - parti ricambio
  • Telai MTB Fullsuspension 27.5/650B
  • Telai MTB Hardtail 27.5/650B
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