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    Tubeless: Advantages of tubeless tyres on the road bike

    Even if the selection is not all that large, the tubeless tyres on the road bike have their fans. Once the tyre is on the road bike rim, you'll quickly realize the benefits of a tubeless road bike tyre: The friction between tyre and hose? There is none! The roll resistance is accordingly decreased and this benefits the cycling comfort. You can ride your bike with tubeless tyres at a very low air pressure. This again increases the contact area and results in a better ground contact. With a road bike's tubeless tyre, a sudden loss of air due to smaller punctures, the so-called "snake bites", are a part of the past. We offer you tubeless foldable tyres for the road bike, among others from Specialized and Maxxis.
    Tubeless has been around for a long time, but not on the road bike. The first tubeless tyre was put on the market in 1999 and it took quite a while until it made itself known to the road bikers. Over 10 years after the first MTB tubeless system, tubeless tyres for the road bike were put on the market. Schwalbe was crucial in this case also and put the first road bike tyre without tube onto the rim.

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