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    MTB 29 inch tubeless tyres

    No more punctures! Discover 29" tubeless folding tyres from Maxxis and discover the advantages of tubeless tyres. If you love it big, that is to say riding 29 inch bikes, than you also love speed and you'll probably also participate in smaller or larger races. In that case, you should think about the advantages that tubeless tyres offer: With a tubeless tyre, your 29 inch bike cannot just be incapacitated when a puncture makes itself felt! Instead, you'll just continue with your race! You have advantages in terms of weight, only a low susceptibility to breakdowns and a lot more ground grip thanks to a low air pressure. In contrast, there is the installation, which is a little more difficult and you'll have to refill and/or replace the sealant every couple of months (round about every three months). But whoever values it, will certainly be satisfied with a tubeless tyre on his 29 inch bike and will be able to enjoy his tours free of stress. Here, you'll find the matching selection for your 29 inch MTB.

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