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GoPro is a product of the company Woodman Labs from Half Moon Bay in the federal state California in the United States. The company is specialised on the manufacture of small, waterproof and shock resistant cameras. Because of adapters which can be put on the waterproof body housing the application area are set no boundaries.

The company got founded by Nick Woodman. He got inspired as he tried to take spectacular pictures about surfing in 2002 but failured on the size of the former amatuer cameras and necessary distance to the coast. He had to realize that this kind of amatuer pictures missed the dramatic from professional shootings. From the idea to develop a camera system that allows amateurs to take professional pictures the name GoPro (go professional) was formed.
According to the manufacturer GoPro cameras are used in about 60 TV series. The cameras were even used to film out of the mouth of sharks, bears and alligators.

Il negozio di marca GoPro

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