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Lizard Skins

The story of Lizard Skins began in 1993 with a very simple but effective product: a neoprene chainstay protector. Since this time it often got copied but never equaled. Because continuous product development and high product quality are very important for Lizard Skins. A specially-applied sewing guarantees that the neoprene parts have an enormous durability. Riders like Steve Peat, Bubba Harris or the road team Cervelo integrate their experience in the designs of new products. So the product range covers next to the neoprene chainstay protector also neoprene pads for damping elements, frame protector stickers out of PVC and carbon, grips and handlebar tapes. Lizard Skins is proud of its products that they have created over the past 15 years and with their innovative ideas they look into an exciting future.

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