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Mavic - Abbigliamento Negozio di marca

Il negozio di marca Mavic - Abbigliamento

Nel negozio di marca Mavic - Abbigliamento a trovare 268 diversi prodotti in totale ad un prezzo speciale sulla spedizione in tutto il mondo!
  • Calze
  • Cappellini sottocasco
  • Cappellino corsa / Retro
  • Caschi - pezzi di ricambio
  • Caschi MTB
  • Copriscarpa
  • Foulard / Bandana
  • Giacche
  • Giacche tempo libero
  • Giubbini senza maniche
  • Guanti a dita corte
  • Guanti a dita lunghe
  • Intimo
  • Magliette a maniche corte
  • Magliette a maniche lunghe
  • Pantaloni a 3/4
  • Pantaloni corti
  • Pantaloni lunghi
  • Passamontagna
  • Scaldabraccia
  • Scaldagambe
  • Scaldaginocchia
  • Scarpe
  • Scarpe - Pezzi di ricambio
  • Scarpe per bici da corsa
  • Sottomaglia
  • T-Shirts
  • Tops / Tanktops

Circa il marchio Mavic - Abbigliamento


Mavic was founded in 1889, yes - eighteen hundred! - in France and today it is manufacturer of complete wheels, rims, components and computers for cycling.

As a true veteran of the bike industry Mavic (by the way an acronym for Manufacture d'Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel) is not rusty at all, meanwhile Mavic is part of the Salomon concern and still you can find wheels and rims from Mavic at the bikes of the most professional cyclists. Both in road cycling and in mountainbike range the quality and precision of Mavic products is unquestionable. Recently Mavic also has its own line of clothing where special attention is paid to ergonomics and functionality.

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