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Schmolke Carbon

In his youth Stefan Schmolke started to drive races actively togehter with his brother Matthias. His passion for sports and his thereby arisen technical interest in light weight constructions led him to a targeted engineering degree program and a a corresponding assignment under diploma engineer Hans Christian Smolik. In the end of his studies in 1989 he opend a bike store togehter with his brother focused on high end products.

The study was completed in 1992 with the subject: „New basic materials and the theory of a carbon racing handlebar“. One year later Stefan Schmolke had already manufactured the first ridable handlebars. 15 years ago he was the first person producing racing handlebars out of carbon. In 1992 he founded SCHMOLKE CARBON.

Since Jan Ullrich finished the Tour de France in 2003 with the Schmolke Carbon handlebar on the 2nd position and the one single carbon handlebar was able to compete with all the aluminium handlebars Stefan Schmolke now exclusively concentrates on his company SCHMOLKE CARBON.

Il negozio di marca Schmolke

Nel negozio di marca Schmolke a trovare 2 diversi prodotti in totale ad un prezzo speciale sulla spedizione in tutto il mondo!
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