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Troy Lee Designs Negozio di marca

Circa il marchio Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee

As a teenager Troy Lee drives motocross races and alongside he decorates his helmet and other equipment. Quickly his buddies want to have their helmets painted too. So Troy Lee also collects money for his work as an artist next to one or another winners premium. A good quarter of a century later top drivers from motorsport to downhill want their own individual head protection from Troy Lee. Meanwhile the head protections are joined by high-quality textiles, that have a very high quality and are made with a revolutionary and unique design

Il negozio di marca Troy Lee Designs

Nel negozio di marca Troy Lee Designs a trovare 352 diversi prodotti in totale ad un prezzo speciale sulla spedizione in tutto il mondo!
  • Basecap / Cappellini tempo libero
  • Borracce
  • Calze
  • Caschi - pezzi di ricambio
  • Caschi MTB
  • Caschi MTB-Fullface
  • Felpe
  • Guanti a dita lunghe
  • Guanti bambino
  • Maglie a maniche corte bambino
  • Maglie a maniche lunghe bambino
  • Magliette a maniche corte
  • Magliette a maniche lunghe
  • Pantaloni corti
  • Pantaloni corti con protettori
  • Pantaloni lunghi
  • Pantaloni lunghi bambino
  • Protettori ginocchio/stinco/caviglie
  • Protettori mano/braccio/gomito/spalla
  • Protettori tronco-giacche/giubbini/maglie
  • T-Shirts
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