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Da 25 anni
Negozio con 1.000m² a Kronberg (D)
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Zéfal Negozio di marca

Circa il marchio Zéfal

In 1900 Edouard MORIN adopted the company today known as: Zefal. Back then it sold different products under several manufacture names. The company is famous for the production of frame pumps as well as stand pumps. Over the years Poutrait and Morin incorporated and changed the name into POUTRAIT-MORIN.

In the 60s' the company exported more than 75% of the production owing to FREXA (France Export Association). Shortly afterwards the engineering office of POUTRAIT-MORIN developed the HPX pump equipped with several innovations like the lever plug or reversibility Presta/ Schrader.

In the 80s' the company POUTRAIT MORIN supposed the name of its best-known brand „Zefal“.

Il negozio di marca Zéfal

Nel negozio di marca Zéfal a trovare 1 diversi prodotti in totale ad un prezzo speciale sulla spedizione in tutto il mondo!
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