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SRAM Negozio di marca

SRAM Online Shop - rear derailleur, chain, cassette and more

SRAM - Innovative drive components from the USA

Il marchio SRAM


Based in Chicago and with the goal to make cycling easier, more comfortable and more attractive SRAM catapulted itself to a global player.

Wheter it is Switch gears, brake systems, cranks, chains or wheels - successful world champions and record drivers take advantage of the innovative efforts of the SRAM designers to make progress. And the joy of cycling is not forgotten either. Based on the torpedo speed hub, the i-Motion 9 got invented which was the first gear hub with 9 gears. Easy and comfortable - sporty cycling for everyone.

So the SRAM components are ideal addition to the portfolio for Sport Import. Two that complement each other perfectly and offer attractive concepts for customer loyality to the bicycle dealers for example the SRAM display walls developed by Sport Import which present the well-stocked SRAM offer to the market-oriented customer.

Sul negozio di marca SRAM

Nel negozio SRAM marca di HIBIKE troverai un totale di 745 prodotti diversi con spedizione in tutto il mondo: Comandi cambio MTB, Freni a disco - pezzi di ricambio, Guarniture complete MTB, Guarniture complete per bici da corsa, Freni a disco e anche di più.
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