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Buy coil shocks at favourable prices

The rear suspension shock ensures the comfort on the rear wheel since your rear counters offsets and bumps with it in lieu of taking it roughly and rolling over those areas. Here, the better control and traction play a major role since your rear wheel will have secure ground contact much faster. The rear can only accomplish this if there is a suspension and dampening. The construction provides for spring and damper to be combined into a suspension strut. . A shock with a coil spring of steel or titanium as suspension element is robust and as a rule provides a good durability and stability. Such steel spring shocks provide a great response behaviour and can be adjusted perfectly to the cyclist by means of springs with different degrees of firmness. Further adjustments can be made via the hydraulic system of the damper, although in this case, the scope of the adjustment possibilities is strongly dependent on the equipment of the shock. Adjustments, such as the rebound, which is responsible for the decompression, can mostly be performed by the cyclist himself at external adjustment buttons in just a few steps and thus an optimum comfort can be found. In most cases, you'll find these more robust type of shocks on downhill and freeride bikes, that is to say more often if the cyclists are downhill-oriented. Here, the higher weight is not that much of a burden as it is in comparison to the air suspended bikes.. Common manufacturers of current steel spring shocks are Fox, Shox and Cane Creek. You should pay attention to the selection of the correct spring hardness, the correct installation length and the stroke as well as to the fitting bushes, which can be bought separately. Furthermore, you can get different pre-adjustments of the rebound and pressure stages at some of the shocks with steel spring; here, you should orient yourself on the frame manufacturer's instructions and take your body weight and your personal preferences into consideration. The weight indications of the manufacturers sometimes include the spring and sometimes they don't, the same applies to the scope of delivery. As a rule, the steel springs are separately available and are not included in the scope of delivery. Please pay attention to the description of the article.
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