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Bar ends for the bike's handlebar

Bar ends are also known as (slightly outdated) bull horns on the bike's handlebar. The handlebar with bar ends...something typical for MTB tour bikers and trekking riders? Not necessarily, bar ends are just a matter of taste. Either you like them or you hate them. The fans of the bar ends use their benefits mainly at constant uphill rides. And since the bar position can also be altered, it relieves the hands on longer tours. Disadvantage: The hands are not readily handy at the gears and the brake. You won't find bar ends with downhill-oriented cyclists anyway, they are sufficiently satisfied with their handlebar shape and would not have any use for the small bar ends, apart from the fact that they would be out of place from a purely visual point of view. The bar ends are available in straight shape, with a slight curve or even as anatomically optimised ones, all of them are low in weight and thus are fastened to the handlebars' ends by clamping. The angle of inclination plays as big a role for you not to perceive the bar ends as unpleasing. The front's angle of inclination can here be taken as a rough approximate value, and if subject inclination is also transposed to the bar ends, the grip position is perceived as quite pleasing. You'll find a large selection of bar ends from top brands here in our shop at favourable prices.
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