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A coffee stop on the way, briefly to the bakery or through the shopping center? Do you have a bicycle lock? Granted, you usually associate a bicycle lock with the terms impractical, bulky, heavy. When it is light, handy, and compact, it often appears unsafe. Most of the missing bicycles are stolen because no lock is used. That's what OTTO DesignWorks wants to change. Modern locks that are just right for your short pit stop are light, small and stylish. OTTO DesignWorks locks are different and just hit the nerve of the moment.

The lock called OTTOLOCK® is a cable lock with a completely new locking system. In addition it's light and small, so that it even fits in the jersey pocket. What's stopping you from using a lock? In addition, the OTTOLOCK® is available in modern, colorful colors. The material used is multilayer stainless steel strips reinforced with Kevlar®. An additional plastic coating (Santoprene®) also makes the lock cut-resistant. Wire and bolt cutters have no chance. These locks are definitely safer than cable locks. A U-lock may offer greater security, but is also a completely different ballpark number in terms of transport. Get your OTTOLOCK lock now! Available here in the HIBIKE Shop.

OTTO DesignWorks, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, was founded in 2014. German distribution is handled by SKLZ EMEA GmbH from Bönen.

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